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About The SBET Project

Participants can bet on existing events, create their own events or join as bidders. Optionally participants will be able to donate a desired amount to charity and NGOs. There is no man in the middle interaction on the SBET platform.

The following sport are in scope of SBET:
Alpine Skiing, American Football, Aussie Rules, Bandy, Baseball, Basketball, Biathlon, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Capoeira, Cricket, Cross-Country, Cycling, Darts, Electronic Sports, Floorball, Formula 1, Gaelic Football, Gaelic Hurling, Golf, Handball, Ice Hockey, Karate, MMA, Motorcycle Racing, Rocket League, Rugby, Sambo, Ski Jumping, Snooker, Soccer, Stock Car Racing, Surf, Table Tennis, Tennis, Thai Boxing, Volleyball, Water polo.

SBET is a permissionless platform, meaning anyone can join, without any geo restrictions and participants have no betting amount limit.

Our Features

Advantage of the Project



Get bonuses bringing
friends to the platform

SBET charges only
30 cents per transaction

No man in the middle

Custom betting
pools via dapps

Few Steps for betting

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  • 01. Registration on the platform with wallet

    Join the SBET platform just loging in with your metamask wallet.
    No KYC. Plain simple and straight forward.

  • 02. Swap tokens

    Get some SBET tokens to bet or trade NFTs in the platform.
    Using uniswap internally, it also avoids pump and dump.

  • 03. Choose the sport category to bet

    Choose among the vast choices of sports and e-sports available.
    Try your luck betting on what you love.

  • 04. Define betting amount.

    There is no restriction on how much you want to spend.
    Your money your rules, your limits.

  • 05. Bet or lend to other participants

    You can choose if you want to bet, or lend to others and get a part of their profit.
    SBET allows you to increase your chance of success.

  • 06. Have fun and be kind!

    Have fun! SBET aims to give participants a stressless experience.
    Donate to NGOs if you want.

SBET Project (Road Map)

  • 2021

    (1Q 2021)

    Project idea

    (2Q 2021)

    Market research
    App prototyping

    (3Q 2021)

    Landing page

    (4Q 2021)

    Token Pre-Sale
    Platform R&D

  • 2022

    (1Q 2022)

    IEO Launch
    Systems and work
    with API Partners

    (2Q - 3Q 2022)


    (3Q 2022)

    Test and work
    with API Partners

    (3Q - 4Q 2022)

    Dapp and API

  • 2023

    (1Q 2023)

    Mobile app

    (2Q - 3Q 2023)

    Beta test

    (4Q 2023)


Distribution of SBET Tokens


Public & community sale


SBET core team


SBET ICO round


Pre-sale round


Dev and Marketing


Bounty campaign

Core Team

Bruno Schmid

Founder and development

17+ years working in information technology.
10+ years working in Cybersecurity.
4+ years blockchain development
4+ year finance experience.

Press (Media)